At South City Physical Therapy; Each patient is individually evaluated: A thorough history is taken and the affected joints are examined. We use an evidence based approach to help each individual achieve their goals.

We provide the following services -:

  • Treatment for vestibular and balance problems.

  • Core Training with specialized equipment like Core-Tex 

  • Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Work related injuries including repetitive stress injuries

  • Spinal Rehabilitation (Neck and Back Rehabilitation)

  • Ergonomics, Body mechanics

  • Gait Training

  • Running Analysis

  • MFD (Cup Therapy)

  • Certified Mulligan Mobilisation 

  • Maitland Mobilisation


We treat a variety of conditions. Some of which are -:

  • Pre/Post Orthopedic Surgical Conditions (ACL Reconstruction, Rotator cuff repair, Spinal Fusion, Bankart Repair, etc)

  • Cervical and Lumbar Radiculopathy

  • Vestibular Therapy, Vertigo and Post concussion Management

  • Ligament Sprains/Tears (ACL, MCL, Meniscus)

  • Arthritic conditions (OA, RA)

  • Low Back Conditions like Disc Herniation, Sciatica, Stenosis

  • Rotator Cuff tendonitis, SLAP tear, Frozen Shoulder, Impingement Syndrome

  •  SI Joint Dysfunction

  • Achilles Tendonitis, Tendinitis/ Tears

  • Plantar fascitis 

Tel: 650- 588-9668  
Fax: 650-588-3230
Email: southcitypt@southcitypt.com

443 Grand Ave

South San Francisco

CA 94080

South City Physical Therapy

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Mon- Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm



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